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Being in control of your financial affairs is a key part of every successful business and every successful project. Here at Silver Levene we will ensure that this is always the case.

After joining Silver Levene in 2007, I now lead a dedicated team who help clients in all aspects of film production; from pre-shoot planning to obtaining creative industries tax relief. No matter how big or small the budget is, we will ensure that our clients are given the best advice possible for their project to be as successful as possible. As well as this, I also specialise in other creative industries including animation programmes, children television programmes and video games. We also help clients obtain British Certification for their individual projects.


I look after and advise a variety of clients, including but not limited to those which are in the film, television and media industry. I also work closely with clients to make sure that every aspect of their pre-production, production and post-production accounting is as seamless as possible.

Areas that I can help with include:

  • General accounts and corporation tax compliance
  • British film certification
  • Production accounting and cash flow forecasting
  • Creative industries tax relief
  • Cost statement auditing

Outside of work, I enjoy playing football and tennis, as well as watching a variety of sports. When time allows, I also love reading a good autobiography or immersing myself in a thrilling action film.

When planning to make a film, animation, television programme or video game, it is imperative that planning is meticulous. This is where my team and I at Silver Levene, can help you reach your goals.

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