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I have been working with writers for more than 20 years and fully understand the issues that they face. My clients have included best-selling and first time authors, screen writers, journalists, agents and publishers. I understand how the ups and downs in your advances and royalties affect you and the specific deductions and reliefs you are entitled to claim. Whether you are new to being self-employed or for many years I will explore with you the best way to structure your affairs to enable you to concentrate on being creative.

I also have a substantial general practice dealing with a range of creative businesses, professionals, individuals and trusts,

I joined Silver Levene in 2009 following a merger with my previous firm Rosenthal Hass & Co which I joined in 1996 and became a Partner in 2002.

In addition to preparing your business Accounts, VAT returns and Tax returns I can assist you in

  • Writer specific tax matters including Authors Averaging relief and types of expenses you can claim
  • Minimising foreign withholding tax / claiming double tax relief/advice on double tax treaties
  • Valuation of literary estates
  • Tax planning
  • Principle private residence issues
  • Residence and domicile issues, leaving and arriving in the UK
  • IHT matters

Silver Levene also provides a royalty audit service. We can audit your publishing income to ensure you have received all the royalties to which you are entitled.

I would love to help you take your business further.

Want to know more? Then call me on +44 (0) 20 7383 3200 or email